Go Great Circle

Friday, January 25, 2013

One Eye Kirk. Real time.

Here's look'n at you kid.

Just so happened that I went to the eye doctor today.  So, while my eye may be big, and my head small, my eye was extra big today.
AND great GOD-be-praised Hallelujah news.  The blister on the back of my retina continues to shrink.  When looking through my left eye I still find that my vision is soggy (out of focus) in a center area, but all the wild distortion is gone.  I am SO thankful.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Great Circle made manifest

Can you see the circle?

Jan 7?   Just returned three days ago from the greatest adventure in my life.  Make that maybe the second greatest adventure.  Or third, or fourth.  (I just thought of what it means to be married, or a Dad, or Jesu's little brother....

I had hoped I would have plenty of stories to tell while I was IN travel.  But it just didn't work that way.

So look for posts over the next weeks or moth in which I flesh out our Go Great Circle trip.

This, from the final leg - Lincoln City Oregon USA....Jan 2nd, 2013.