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Thursday, August 11, 2011

the Amazing Cloud Tsunami! (order Print)

To see the cloud in motion:


Apparently a lot of folks in AR like the middle picture.  Some would even like to buy it.  If you would like to help a soul, without an entrepenurial bone in his body, please do so.

First.   My gift.  Feel free to download to you computer for a backdrop.  But if you need a real print, please pay.

signed 8x12 = 12 dollars (in person delivery) or $15 mailed.
signed 12x18 = 24 dollars, or $28 mailed.

Check or Money order to Kirk Jordan
3 Manchester Drive, Conway AR 72034.   (I'll see if I cannot get Paypal up an going)

email, if needed  kirkwood2020 (at)  yahoo.com.




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