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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Go Great Circle #2: Charlie's Dream

In the next day or two I need to write a very special letter to my Father’n Law – Dad McGinn.  Ever since I was a teenage boy, I have dreamed of being a National Geographic Photographer, prancing around the globe, or living in the ruts, mixing it up with folks in exotic lands.  

                                                                                                                       Charles McGinn

As God, in his goodness would have it, I HAVE known a greater part of my dreams.   Wife, Kids, camera.  Indeed,  I have the raw pleasure of shooting pictures most everyday.  And some of the folks are occasionally exotic.  For the unacquainted, I work for the State of Arkansas, serving our Governor Mike Beebe.  Must be one of the greatest jobs on earth.  I get to watch leadership in action, tour all parts of the Natural State, and see what makes our little nation click.  But still --- its not the same as living out of a pack, under the lure of constant uncertainty.

But in a couple of days, I will come closer to my boyhood dream than I have been in decades, all due to the vision – and generosity - of McDad.

Chas/Charles has been talking the Great Circle for decades.  These days he is less apt to remember that he has had this conversation with us only recently.

Dad's vision for our trip is part Romantic – part Capitalist

He wants us to do what most folks only dream about… and make a video in the process. (Then sell it to you, even as we encourage you to join us in your own planet circling venture)

In keeping with his idea, dad wrote in a recent letter:

“Again, Make it  Great Circle, Not Great Zig Zag…   So that the journey will be the shortest possible for the cash-poor traveler.  It’s round the world, not see the world.  If people start doing this I truly believe mankind will finally begin to realize that we are all on this planet together and that there is plenty of room And that folks are pretty nice everywhere if you give them half a chance.  Least ways, there’s no reason for talking about nuclear bombing your neighbor.” 

To be continued.

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