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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Brothers Howard

Stand back Brothers Johnson, Brothers Grimm, and Brothers Karamazov - The Brothers Howard are here!

These two young men just happen to be my neighbors.  They are fraternal twins, and recently modeled for an album illustration.   Long Story Short:  I am fringe-friends with the musical band The Last Bison.   Members from that band ended up crashing on our couch a couple years back when they played for a local music fest.  They have a new album out  - VA - and with it have created a lyric book, showcasing guest artists submissions.  I gave them this photo in exchange for the CD and the book to illustrate a song that chases sibling themes.  (Hear a fragment of Come What May here.)

Come what may
We will always be the same
You and I, shall remain
In and out in every way
So alike
Into the mirror
Now I see clearer
We must have come from the same design

Captured, my eye turn, shattered my ears burn

Tell me your thoughts
Are they the same as mine?
(Lyric by Ben Hardesty, The Last Bison)

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